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Digital Marketing Tips To Build a Strong Brand Presence

Businesses today must each establish their place on the internet. Otherwise, it’s a death sentence. With the amount of people online every day, you want to invest in digital marketing to get your brand in front of your audience. A digital marketing strategy is now an essential for any business that wants to succeed.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing simply refers to marketing on the internet. It covers every marketing effort and promotion done online, including websites, social media, search engine marketing, email marketing, content marketing (learn about content delivery nework on this guide), mobile marketing, and other forms.

Since digital marketing encompasses a bunch of fields, we’re going to dive into the most commonly used areas and give tips on that.


Build one.

If you don’t already have one, create one. A website represents your brand, proves legitimacy, and establishes credibility. Whatever products or services you offer, a website is your headquarters or business address on the World Wide Web.

Buy a domain name and have your site hosted.

While it’s okay to use a free website builder, it’s a bit of a downer for customers because they expect you to be an established and independent entity. Free websites just have that homemade, D.I.Y feel that you don’t want for a serious business.

Invest in web design.

All your digital marketing efforts will lead to your customers seeing your website, so it’s crucial for the web design to be awesome. The text, images, and general layout of your website must look professional and easy on the eyes. Invest in a professional to create your web design for you to ensure a high-quality site. Web design can make or break the purchase, so make sure that your website is speedy, easily navigable, and without errors.

Mind the user experience.

In relation to web design, user experience determines how people feel about the interactions they make in your website. Do they find the interface simple and easy? Do they love your content? Do they have to wait longer than expected for pages to load? Do they have access to communication if they need assistance? All of these contribute to a great user experience that will impact how your customers feel about buying from you.

Search Engine Marketing

Focus on SEO.

Most people turn to Google to find answers or solutions to everything. As such, it’s important for your business to show up in the results with a high rank to drive in website traffic like crazy. To make it easy for your customers to find you on search engines, work on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Make sure crawlers can easily index your site by focusing on using strong, highly relevant, and valuable keywords.

Pay-per-click Advertising.

PPC campaigns will boost your traffic through PPC ads. If your business sells gaming computers and accessories in Auckland, you can have your ad appear when someone searched for “gaming computers Auckland” or “gaming chairs New Zealand”. When they click your ad, it will lead to your website where they can complete the purchase.

Keep details accurate and complete.

People nowadays are skeptic buyers. For instance, 84% of New Zealanders who actively participate in e-commerce do their research first, and 70% of Kiwis visit an online store. As such, it’s important to include all needed product details.

Content Marketing

  • Quality is a must. Regardless of marketing strategies, you should always produce high-quality content for your brand. Consider blog posts, images, photos, videos – anything you use must be professional at all times.
  • Cross-sharing across platforms ensures that your content not only stays on your site, but reaches a wider audience as well.

E-mail Marketing

  • Build your e-mail list. Despite the emergence of social media, e-mail still proves to have high conversion rates. (If you’re in New Zealand, you might benefit from these email hosting providers:  https://unify.nz/best-email-hosting-providers-in-new-zealand/
  • Offer free content. Make sure your e-mails contain helpful content, and give freebies such as guides and discounts.

Social Media

  • Focus on where your audience is.

Social media is an exciting and profitable element of digital marketing. You get to connect with more people as social media platforms continue to grow by the millions. But instead of being present everywhere, analyze where your customers are and focus on that. Take note of how many engagements you’re getting on a platform to see where your audience interacts with you the most. If you’re not getting any likes, comments, messages, or shares, your audience might be in another platform.

  • Know the difference.

If you share the exact same content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms, it wouldn’t be as effective in one as it is in another. Determine which content types are optimized for each social media platform so you can create optimum content.

  • Check local statistics.

If you’re targeting a specific country or location, see if you can find statistics on where they spend most of their time. In New Zealand, for example, 81% of Kiwis use Youtube, 79% use Facebook ( https://unify.nz/how-to-use-facebook-advertising-plus-helpful-tips-to-get-you-ahead/ ), and 46% use Instagram.

Mobile Marketing

  • Optimize your website. Leading back to web design, your website should be optimized for any device. All elements must automatically adjust to the screen size of mobile phones, tablets, and similar devices.
  • Create an app. People love downloading apps from Google Play, Apple Store, and Amazon – not surprising with the dominance of mobile phones.

Influencer Marketing

  • Be on the lookout. Influencer marketing is relatively new, but sponsoring or paying influential people in your niche to promote your product can be extremely effective in boosting sales. According to a survey by Collective Bias, 30% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service that is recommended by a non-celebrity blogger. Explore influential personalities in your niche and reach out for collaborations.

Digital marketing strategies are essential for business success. But whatever you use, it will always lead back to your core presence – your website. Invest in a professional to build your web design for you. Web design impacts a lot of things – user experience, SEO, conversion rate and more. Wherever you promote your brand to, your website should meet and exceed consumer standards to drive in traffic and sales growth.