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How to buy a domain name in NZ

Buying a domain name in NZ is a easy process and only requires a credit card to complete. In this quick tutorial we take you through 10 easy steps of how to buy a domain name in NZ.

For this tutorial we use 1st Domains, a NZ Based company who manages over 100,000 domains for more than 25,000 customers. To buy a domain name with 1st Domains you will also need an account with we will cover in the steps below.

Buy a domain name

  1. Go to 1stdomains.co.nz

2. Click ‘Register’ at the top of the page.

3. Type in the preferred name of the domain. Tip: Try to keep it short and simple. Acronyms are a great way to keep you domain name short. For example it’s much easier to say and remember jlms.co.nz instead of johnslawnmowingservicesauckland.co.nz.

Domains names are not case sensitive, so JLMS.co.nz is the same as jlms.co.nz when you buy a domain name.

4. Click search to see what domains are available. You don’t need to buy them all, just one will be fine. It’s best to get either .co.nz or .nz as people see these are more “legitimate domains”. It’s always best to purchase the .co.nz TLD.

Don’t rush when you buy a domain. Keep looking until you find the perfect domain with .co.nz or .nz available.

5. Tick the domain your wish to purchase and click ‘Register the selected domain’

6. Once you have logged in or registered a new account, please be sure you save your username and password in a safe location.

7. You will now be prompted to enter your ‘Registrant Contact Information’. This is general contact and ownership information about the domain. Ensure the bottom two boxes are ticked, this will set the same contact information for the technical and billing contact on the domain. Click Continue.

8. The next page provides some additional services, you can ignore these for now. Just click continue to finished buying your domain.

9. Lastly you will need to accept the terms and conditions, and click process order. You will then be prompted to enter your credit card information to complete the purchase. 1st Domains payment gateway is secured with SSL so it’s safe to buy online.

10. Congratulations – You have purchased your own domain and it’s ready to be setup for email and website hosting. We have discussed some of best email hosting providers in New Zealand already so be sure to check that out.