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Smart Home & WIFI Wireless Whitianga

Unify provides Whitianga with quality smart home and WIFI wireless products and services. Make your home smarter, get better internet, and fix those annoying wireless issues.

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Wifi & Networking
for your Home and Business

Today we are heavily reliant on a good connection to our WiFi wireless, network and internet. We provide excellent solutions to solve ongoing internet issues in your home or business. From rewiring, extending networks, new wifi installations or getting online. We can help with any and all networking requirements at home or work. We stock many industry leading options for mesh networking, to manage a few or hundreds of devices in the environment. We can provide remote access and monitoring of these devices to ensure that when you go offline, someone can be ready to sort it out instantly.

Lighting & Bulbs

Smart Lights
for your Home

There a variety of options when it comes to smart lighting in your home. Smart bulbs provide a retrofit option to easily and affordably create the basis of your smart home environment.  Smart light bulbs come in the standard bayonet or twist in options and a variety of sizes. They also come in a few colour options; Whites (Summer or white) and of course RGB which stands for Red, Green, Blue – providing millions of colours to choose from to set the scene. Some smart light suppliers also provide LED smart strips, outdoor lights, or wall panels. Some light solutions also require “Hubs” which is the central controller for the lights. Your budget, your goals and your platform (Google or Apple) all need to be taken into consideration when choosing your smart lighting solution which is what we can help with during a free consultation.


Smart Switches
for your Home

Smart home switches can do far more than a traditional switch. You can set scenes, colours, brightness, turn devices on and off, all at the click of one button. Smart switches allow you to control areas not just single devices. These switches can be completely powerless (generating their own power on click) or be fitting into your home to replace the existing light switch. Of course, you can always control the lights and devices the traditional way should you have any internet or wireless issues. Make your existing devices smart, create scenes for different times of days or events, automate your lighting to reduce power usage and never need to tell the kids “Turn off the lights!” again. Smart switches can create an amazing result, with a single, simple press.

Doors & Windows

Smart Door Locks & Windows
for your Home

Industry leaders in door security have started to make smart products that include smart home technology. This allows you to check “Did I lock the door?” when you are away from home and even lock it if you forgot. You can even automatically unlock the door upon arrival so that you never have to juggle the groceries and keys again. Of course, all the smart lock systems we provide include manual override with key should you need it. Windows can also be brought into your smart home plan by attaching a small monitoring device to them which will alert you if you have left a window open when you leave home. It also allows you to see your home security status at a glance by telling you which doors or windows are still open before you leave or settle in for the night.

Security Cameras

Smart Security Cameras
for your Home

Smart cameras are no longer a costly and timely smart home or business product to obtain and install. We can provide both wired and wireless cloud-based security cameras that require little to no technical knowledge to install. Even better these products cost a quarter of the price of “modern” systems being sold on the market, and we provide anytime access, with better encryption and retention. Our smart security cameras can integrate straight into Google Home or Apple HomeKit environments making them a seamless solution. Contact us about our product range or to arrange a demo.

Air Conditioning

Smart Air Conditioning
for your Home

Even the newest air conditioning units don’t include any smart technology (unless you pay for it), more so, almost no brands include integration into smart home leading platforms like Apple HomeKit and Google Home. We have some smart aircon control products that can solve this problem for new or old air conditioning units of all brands – with full Apple Homekit and Android Home integration – This allows you to automate your usage, reducing power and gaining better remote control of one of the highest power consumption units in the house. These smart air con products are light weight, easy to install and more affordable than Wi-Fi controller from suppliers. Contact us today for more information.


Customer Feedback
About Unify

Providing New Zealanders with Smart Home Technology, IT Consulting, Business Intelligence, and eCommerce for over 10 years
Dannielle F.

Has been an absolute pleasure. I was completely and immediately put at ease and knew I was in great hands. They have provided the perfect system for my business and I’m thrilled with it. So happy to have this great support going forward as well. Thanks so much!

Debbie T.

Great service, very capable and knowledgeable services. Have been using Unify for a number of years now and is top notch, prompt and is fully recommended.

Baker & Co.

Friendly & prompt service. Always quick to help when we have any issues. They go above and beyond. Would definitely recommend.

Alan C

Unify have highly skilled technical staff who provide a very high level of expertise and experience to all work done for us. They always apply best practice to all work completed, guiding us to the best possible solution, I cannot recommend Unify highly enough.

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